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Master of Food Tourism

Become a highly qualified expert in culinary tourism and stand out in today's market.

The unquestionable influence of cuisine on travel and the growing demand for culinary tourism mean that this subject has become one of the segments with the greatest development opportunities.

The World Tourism Organisation and the Basque Culinary Center have joined forces to create a benchmark training program, designed to professionalise this fast-growing sector.

This Master's Degree will give you the competencies required to efficiently manage businesses and organisations linked to the culinary tourist sector, in the public and private spheres alike, and with a strategic approach, in line with the reality of the sector and the most innovative trends.

You'll learn how to design products and creative and innovative food and wine experiences, and how to position these in the target markets and to create successful, long-lasting relations with the various culinary tourist profiles.

You will also participate in Master Classes given by managers of gastronomic tourism companies where they will present models and real experiences of success.

¡Live the experience of studying a Master's degree in San Sebastian, the gastronomic tourism destination par excellence!


• Duration: 60 credits (1.500 hours).
• 6,5 months of training (4 months online part and 2,5 months classroom part) + 3 months of work experience.
• Next Master's Degree course is set to start in OCTOBRE 2022.
• For any queries or further information, please contact:
• The Master's Degree is an own degree issued by the University of Mondragon.


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NEXT EDITION STARTS IN OCTOBER 2022 Online Part: from November 2022 to January 2023 Classroom Part: from February to April 2023 Internships: from April to July 2023
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