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F&B Management Master

The competition in the hotel industry is increasingly fierce and to add value to the customer experience, the F&B strategy must be an integral part of the trends, business models, flavours and techniques in all of the hotel’s points of sale. 

In a sector that continues to grow and reinvent itself, it is necessary to have specialised professionals, F&B Managers who know the hotel business and who have the skills to make the most of the gastronomic potential of the hotel.

This master’s degree is the most complete programme for becoming an expert in F&B and taking responsibility for directing and organising the Food and Beverage department, with an innovative, global and inclusive vision, maintaining the highest standards of quality and service and maximising the benefits of the hotel’s gastronomy.

With 60 ECTS, the programme includes the carrying out of a master’s degree final project, for which you will have specialised tutors who will accompany you throughout the design. The master’s degree includes an internship in the best national and international establishments in the hotel sector.

The course will include master classes and nationally and internationally renowned guests will share their experience and help you to find out about the best current business models first-hand.


• The next master’s degree course will start in January 2024
• Duration: 60 ECTS
• 5 months of teaching + 3 months of external curricular internship
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• Master’s degree awarded by Mondragon Unibertsitatea
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TERM TIMES: January 2024 - June 2023 From monday to thursday, from 15:15 to 20:15h INTERSHIP: June 2023 - September 2024
20 students
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