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Bartending and Contemporary Cocktail Craft



Behind a cocktail, there is understanding and mastery of the avant-garde.

The program offers a comprehensive perspective to master the technical and conceptual aspects of coctail making, the application of cutting-edge techniques, as well as insights into the business and customer knowledge. Emphasizing a practical and motivating approach, it invites students to reflect and assimilate the knowledge acquired, ultimately enhancing their skills as bartenders. The course comprises over 60 hours of practical training, led by Patxi Troitiño, a master mixologist, and an expert faculty from the school, along with renowned guests from the world of mixology.


  • Campus-Based Learning at Basque Culinary Center
  • Academic Period: october 2024
  • Schedule: monday to thursday, from 15:15 PM to 20:15 PM (CEST)
  • 18 available spots
  • Degree from the Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences at Basque Culinary Center.
  • Inquiries and more information:


  • Understand the operation of a bar, customer service, utensils, and products in the world of mixology.
  • Acquire complementary skills such as management, teamwork, personal, and communication skills, etc.
  • Master both classic and cutting-edge mixology techniques.
  • Develop creative and sensory skills for crafting signature cocktails as well as your own creations.
  • Explore the gastronomic possibilities of cutting-edge techniques and how to apply them in cocktail creation.


We understand that professional opportunities can vary based on geographical location and individual preferences of the students. However, with this program, participants can pursue roles and positions in the following areas:

  • Bartender in cocktail bars, private clubs, or gourmet restaurants.
  • Bar and mixology manager in food and beverage establishments.
  • Menu design specialist for cocktail offerings in restaurants.
  • Consulting on cocktail offerings.
  • Brand ambassador for companies in the industry.
  • Product development manager in the world of mixology.
  • Instructor in mixology at educational institutions.


Students enrolled in a course with a duration of fewer than 3 months typically do not need to apply for a visa in most cases. You can check the list of countries where citizens do or do not require a visa by referring to the information provided in Annex I (scroll down to find the relevant information).

If your nationality requires a visa, you should apply for a type C (Schengen) visa to enter Spain.

International students should travel with official documentation confirming their enrollment in the course and proof of the medical insurance coverage purchased, which will provide coverage during their stay in Spain.



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Academic Period : october to december 2024 Monday through Thursday, 3:15 PM to 8:15 PM Practical sessions: january 2025
monday to thursday, 3:15 to 8:15 PM (CEST)
18 spots available
4 050,00 €
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